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Noisy Giant Ran Amiss

Noisy Giant! Has Stan Finally Cracked?

No, not yet. The answer will be revealed before the end of this news page! The Bible tells us that "our adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour". But he is only 'like' a roaring lion. He may be able to roar, but he is not a lion. He was defeated at Calvary by the Lion of Judah. "The reason that the Son of God was made manifest was to destroy all the works of the devil" When Jesus cried out "It is finished!" it was not his life that He spoke of but the work of defeating the devil. Ah! So the noisy giant is the devil! No! He is not a giant. Read on.

When the people of God were looking across the River Jordan at the Promised Land, they would not go in because they feared that there were giants in the land. They missed the promises of God because of their fears. They had forgotten that God had brought them to this point by His might and power. We all face giants in our lives. It is through our faith and trust in Him that we overcome giants. (But this is not the noisy giant that ran amiss!)

Facing Giants!

This year it seems that I have been facing giants. It has been a difficult year so far and there are almost two months to go. I wrote in my last news update that I returned from America in June earlier than expected. There had been misunderstandings and confusion within the church that I had looked after. My hope when leaving was that I would preach there on my return to the area this autumn. It did not seem possible at the time, but I am delighted to have had that opportunity and to work in reconciliation with them. They received me well and healing is there for those who will take it. I would be a hypocrite if I teach unity and do not work it out in practice.

I got back to the UK with no home, no job and no money. (I had a little money but had been left with a 'giant' debt as the business I had worked for went into liquidation owing me a substantial sum). These could all have seemed like giants but, as this 'news'letter will show, when we know that God is our provider and supplier they are not a problem.

First Giant Defeated!

One of the first things I did on my return from America was to keep a hospital appointment. It was quite a surprise when, following a prostate biopsy, the doctor gave me a diagnosis of prostate cancer. He was talking about a six week course of radiotherapy and all the palaver that goes with that. He also wanted me to have an MRI scan and a nuclear scan (I thought the nuclear one was to blow the cancer up!!!)

I graciously thanked him and asked all who would to pray. I kept the two appointments. On the second scan I was not even off the table and the radiologist told me the doctor wanted to talk with me. He told me that the scan was completely clear. When I told him I was planning to go to Africa he told me I could go with a clear mind. Praise the Lord! God is faithful to His word. He did not question how long was I going. I assume that he would think that as a missionary I was going for an extended period. This is another example of putting into practice what I preach. As with the 'Unity' seminars I pray for the sick at most meetings and have seen many healed. Truly a giant defeated.

Giant Number Two

For as long as I am travelling I will always visit Africa. Since my first visit in 1987 my heart has been there. When I am home, I only have to see an acacia tree or a giraffe in a magazine or on TV and I am drawn there. I made my only trip there this year in August. As always I met up with many old friends and made many new ones. In some ways it was a challenging trip. To continue with the analogy of giants, the biggest one facing me on this trip was rain. As one pastor put it, "It started raining in April and it has not stopped yet." Nearly all of the open-air meetings were cancelled because of rain. The biggest disappointment was the cancellation of a leaders 'Unity' seminar in Bukwa, Uganda. Although we had a very sturdy 4x4 vehicle the road and the rain combined to make the road impassable. There were vehicles everywhere. 400 pastors and leaders were awaiting our arrival but we could not get through.

The rain and road conditions almost defeated us again in getting to Mbita in Nyanza District, but with much perseverence and a return journey that took us 14 hours we succeeded with a 'Unity' conference. Pastor Jackton from Mbita wrote to me, "Glory to God. It is true. Going to the Kingdom of God is not easy and we have to struggle. The fellowship in Mbita is doing fine and I can see that your word touched many people specially leaders and pastors."

A wedding and a funeral (only one wedding!), a new church opening and a re-union were all memorable moments of the trip. I have not set dates yet but hope to return early in the New Year. Wet rainy giants did not overcome the Africa trip. (This is not the one that ran amiss!)

Giants ahead?

Probably one of my favourite stories is the defeat of giant Goliath by David. I guess not being physically tall I like to see the little guy win. That’s why I like Zacchaeus who climbed a tree to see over the heads of the crowd! I understand that from the days I used to stand on the terraces at Charlton Football ground! Having returned from seven weeks in America, which I enjoyed very much, (good meetings and good fellowship), I am shortly flying out to Chennai for my second visit with Pastor Joshua. The itinerary for the three weeks is on the India Page (hyperlink). I am looking forward to sharing the Gospel with these wonderful people and to meeting Pastor David. We have commuicated many times on the Internet and I will be holding three days of open air meetings with him. Please pray for my stomach as I will be eating spicy food at virtually every meal (another giant to overcome!)

Great news!! The Unity book has now been fully translated in Swahili. Thanks to Bishop Andrew Odoke who has given up much time for the work I have a copy of the text in Swahili. The book was written with Africa in mind in response to many requests that my unity teaching be written down. This does face me with a giant to overcome. The best quotation for publishing costs in Kenya is £5,000 ($10,000). It seems a large amount but for 8,000 copies it is not so much. I am not wanting to go into debt for this, but if anyone is able and willing to make an interest free loan available I am confident that the Lord will enable the repayment fairly quickly. He has been faithful in all things over many years and I am confident in this too.

One probability is that I will accept an invitation to preach at a 10 day crusade in Matebeleland, Zimbabwe in May next year.

Oh Yes! I nearly forgot. Which ‘noisy giant ran amiss’? Simple if you like anagrams...

‘Missionary Stan Gain’

God bless you.

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