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Still going on!

Photo: Pastors Unity Seminar Whether looking backwards or forwards I continue to be amazed at the faithfulness of the Lord. It is something never to be taken for granted. The year started in Africa as reported with a wonderful over night meeting in Dar Es Salaam In Tanzania. With some small crusade meetings the Kenya highlight was the ‘Unity Conference’. I was delighted to receive the following e-mail less than two months later from the secretary:

“I am Wanyonyi Sirengo of Mt. Elgon/Kimilili Pastor's Fellowship. I was elected fellowship secretary. We had never had such a unity among the pastors of this tribal region since 1992. You can not believe what is happening on the ground. It could have taken us a century to achieve this because of the sad memories of the loss of our beloved on both sides.”

I am now to return in July in response to a request to teach on forgiveness as a follow up.


Photo: Prayer for sick boy in Philippines My third visit to the Philippines was the best yet. Small community gospel and healing crusades saw about 125 people responding to the gospel call and many testified to healing. Pastor Ludy sent the following report on my return to UK.

The results of the Crusade is a great Blessing...

In Maigo, a man with a prostate cancer testified that before he was prayed for, he felt the pain and after prayer he was feeling released and the pain is gone.

A woman that could not see and is in that situation for a little more than a year was healed and God restored her sight.

A Young one who suffered unusual trembling which is suspected to be a nervous effect, got his healing after the second nights of the crusade.

Many testified that the pain in some part of their body were gone after Prayers.

In Cagayan de Oro City a man that had a heart problem in that some of his nerves and tendons did not function anymore. During prayers he felt strange feelings and felt hot inside him. He got his healing and now a Bible study is in schedule in his house.

A woman that has pain in her head was healed instantly during prayer and many had their healing from the pain in their bodies as God delivered them.

In F.S. Cataneco, Cagayan, People has problems in their lungs as they could hardly breath. One lady testified that she can easily breath, God healed her. An old woman that had itching feet and could hardly breath got her healing. She also had blurred eyes and her sight improved after prayers.”

The convention theme of ‘Implementing God’s Standards’ for the Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association at Cotabato saw a powerful move of God.

Andhra Pradesh, India

The visit to India was a great success. A report can be found on the India page. Pastor Joshua Geddam has been in regular contact and I feel that I know him as an old friend even though we have not yet met. With many village church meetings, a ‘Unity Conference’, much evangelism, and now even conducting a wedding ceremony I am sure there will be much to report on my return.

Africa on the Horizon

July will see me back in Africa starting in Burundi with a large crusade in Gitega. Pastor David Mupenda’s estimate of attendance for each of the four nights is thirty thousand. An opportunity I cannot refuse. Then in to Kenya for follow up in areas where unity conferences have seen the founding of Pastor’s Fellowships and then I am hoping to fulfil a longstanding invitation to a conference in Kigali, Rwanda. The visit to Uvira and Bukavu in Congo is postponed as elections have been called for the time I would have been there and it would be folly to be there at that time!
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