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A simple roll of the names of the 114 men, women and children killed by evil suicide bombers in Peshawar

Photo: Roll of Honour - Peshawar Christian Martyrs
It is all to easy to forget and move on. Here is a remembrance of the lives lost because of the evil acts of misguided men...

Naeem Nazir son of Nazir Masih 45 years

Mona Naeem wife of Naeem Nazir 43 years

Meerab daughter of Naeem Nazir 22 years

Simreen daughter of Samson 16 years

Zarish daughter of Sabir 19 years

Mrs Iqbal Gohar wife of Inayat M Gobar 79 years

Eshan Gohar son of Insar Gohar 11 years

Nehar Insar son of Insar Gohar 9 years

Victor Sadiq son of Hakim Din 63 years

Saima Victor wife of Victor John 77 years

Victor John son of Ghulam Masih 36 years

Riaz Washington son of Siraj Masih 39 years

Shama wife of Naveed Masih 25 years

Yamina daughter of Naveed Masih 4 years

Samarna Pervaiz daughter of Pervaiz Masih 12 years

Darooj Naveed daughter of Naveed Masih 2 years

Nasreen wife of Riaz 39 years

Shiza daughter of Riaz 20 years

Tanveer son of Bashir Masih 33 years

Farida Tanveer wife of Tanveer 30 years

Abhi Mail son of Tanveer 7 years

Shamasad son of Samuel 35 years

Akash son of Waris Masih 17 years

Waris son of Boota Masih 55 years

Elizebth wife of Samuel 60 years

Sobiah Sabir daughter of Sabir Masih 45 years

Sabir Masih son of Rehmat Masih 51 years

Sandy Masih son of Sabir Masih 12 years

Simon Sabir son of Sabir Masih 14 years

Sharnaoon son of Amir 4 years

Zeeshan son of Amir 2 years

Gamma Bibi wife of Amanat Masih 65 years

Roshan son of Imran 6 years

Mishal Iqbal daughter of Iqbal Masih 12 years

Jia daughter of Tony Khadim 3 years

Saba Pervais daughter of Pervais Barkat 17 years

Nasir Nazir son of Nazir Masih 40 years

Sharif Nazir son of Behran Khan 67 years

Sara Sharif daughter of Sharif Masih 23 years

Haroon Sharif son of Sharif Masih 28 years

Sania Sharif wife of Haroon Sharif 25 years

Elishba Sharif daughter of Sharif masih 29 years

Nazir Masih son of Said Nazir 42 years

Rehana Kausar wife of Nazir Masih 35 years

Sharoon Hanif son of Hanif Masih 20 years

Alee Victor daughter of Victor John 22 years

Neelam daughter of Amir Yaqoob 26 years

Angel son of Amir Yaqoob 2 years

Albert Masih son of Barkat Masih 61 years

Waheed Iqbal son of Iqbal ?

Wajid son of Iqbal 23 years

Joseph son of Fateh Din 73 years

Naveed Shirazi son of Rehmat Masir 40 years

Sania daughter of Naveed Shirazi 11 years

Muniza Riaz daughter of Riaz Masih 12 years

Khalid Fakhar son Fakhar ud Din 49 years

Riaz Masir Khokhar son of Sindhi Masih 67 years

Imtiaz son of Riaz Sindhi 32 years

Reeba wife of Aslam Gill 21 years

Patric son of Shafi 26 years

Laiba wife of Amir Jan 26 years

Deeba Aslam ?

Raj Bibi wife of Mehbaob 60 years

Javed son of Samuel 60 years

Khalid Pervais son of Faqeer Masih 45 years

Rafia wife of Khalid Pervais 35 years

William Ghulam son of Ghulam Masih 51 years

Noel son of William Ghulam 24 years

Meerab daughter of William Ghulam 17 years

Junaid son of Javed 16 years

Saiqa daughter of Rashid 22 years

Ayana daughter of Ishaq 3 years

Mishaal daughter of Nadeem (Karachi) 19 years

Sania daughter of Saleem 26 years

Shazia wife of Emmanuel 30 years

Soweli daughter of Emmanuel 8 years

Maireen daughter of Musa Jan 16 years

Zareena Bibi wife of William Masih 50 years

Emmanuel son of Babu Pervaiz 35 years

Bashir Masih son of Chaudhri Walayati 65 years

Mehak daughter of Nisar 5 years

Kainat Nisar ?

Azeem Akhtar son of Emmanuel Akhtar 33 years

Zahida Parveen wife of Mushtaq Shahid 55 years

Jamila wife of Nazir Masih 53 years

Snia Masih daughter of Nazir 28 years

Zafar Iqbal son of Chiragh Din 44 years

Saleema Akhtar wife of Piyara Masih 65 years

Shahida wife of Jamil 42 years

Nasreen Bibi wife of Naseem Masih 45 years

Arif son of Aziz Masih 45 years

Hoorab Nawab daughter of Yousaf Nawab 8 years

Tamreez Khan son of Tooti (Cook) ?

Simraan Anwar daughter of Anwar 13 years

Robin Bhatti son of Morris 32 years

Tanveer son of Sharif ?

Zahid Gul son of Sehar Gul ?

Rabia ?

Jessi daughter of Amir ?

Maria ?

Mehak daughter of Javed ?

Rimsha daughter of Sharif ?

Seema daughter of Sharif ?

Zara daughter of Javed ?

Zara Gull ?

Zamina Kausar daughter of William Masih ?

Authom Nazir ?

Mubashar son of Daud ?

Nadeem Akhtar son of Emmanuel ?

Rufi William son of Wilson ?

Saif Naeem ?

Sherial son of Musa Jan ?

Riaz son of Shangara ?

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