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Are We There Yet?

Stan Gain publication Are We There Yet? "Where are we going?" "What is happening in our world?" It is an almost daily occurrence that something somewhere in the world causes us to ask such questions. Never a day goes by that the media fails to report tragedy somewhere in the world. The answers to these questions are to be found in the Book of Revelation. ‘Are We There Yet?’ endeavours to unwrap what has become for so many a confusing mystery. Are we in the last days of history? What is to come? This book will help you to cut through much of the confusion.

On a visit to Israel, Stan had a life changing vision of the second coming of Jesus. This book brings together what he has learned since that time.

This is not so much a theological book as an attempt to bring some understanding about the place that the Book of Revelation has in the context of the whole Bible. I have read many books that treat the book in isolation. There are also many books that try to put an interpretation to future events that are beyond our knowledge, since they have not yet happened or been fully revealed. This has been the cause of so much of the confusion around the book of Revelation.

This book is different in that it does not explain the unexplainable but works to set out a clear understanding of the times in which we are living in. Days that many believe are what the Bible calls ‘The Last Days’.

So, are we there yet?

Contact me if you would like to obtain a copy of this book. You can purchase this book from Templehouse Publishing for £7.95


Stan Gain publication Unity I decided to give away copies of my 'Unity' book to avoid issues of trading and taxation. In return I am asking for donations to enable me to give it away freely in the places where I have and will teach 'Unity Seminars'.

The book continues to go well. I am amazed at how it has been taken up so well by others. In India I understand that some 10,000 copies are now given out in the local language – Telugu. Now I am advised that a Christian magazine has asked permission to serialize it. I am waiting to see the first copy in the post soon.

The Telugu version is now available for download in PDF format.

The translation of the Unity book into Swahili is now completed thanks to the work of Bishop Andrew Odoke. I obtained a very favourable quotation for printing through Pastor Geddam in India and now 4,000 copies have been printed for African pastors.

Copies can still be obtained in English. Contact me at the addresses on the website or simply download the PDF version chapter by chapter below :

Chapter 1 - Together in Unity
Chapter 2 - Anointing and Blessing
Chapter 3 - Refreshment
Chapter 4 - Authority and Command
Chapter 5 - Power of our Words
Chapter 6 - Grace and Truth
Chapter 7 - Disunity in the Church
Chapter 8 - In Heavenly Places
Chapter 9 - Armour For What
Chapter 10 - True Warfare
Chapter 11 - Unity of the Spirit
Chapter 12 - Filling in the Gaps
Chapter 13 - Moses is Dead

You can purchase this book from Templehouse Publishing for £5.95

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